PDC Course Content

Although it is not a prerequisite, we’re encouraging you to join the course with a specific project in mind that you would like to work on and develop. If you don’t have a project, we have a few suggestions for you to choose from or you can work together with another participant on their ideas.

During the first week of the course we will explore the basic principles and applications of permaculture, and engage in practical permaculture work in the Quadrangle Trust’s food forest and garden.

Topics include but are not limited to:

• Ethics and principles of permaculture
• Systems thinking, pattern language, design process and methodology
• Soil life, ecology and land regeneration
• Cultivated ecology: food production in gardens, on farms and agroforestry
• Living environment, energy, urban permaculture
• Real wealth, money and sustainable exchange

During the second week we delve into group work and the design process where participants are supported to realise their ideas and projects.

Topics include but are not limited to:

• Community development and organisation
• Group work and collaboration
• Personal health and healthy societies
• Project development and design
• Presentation

There will be plenty of design time for each participant’s personal design work, which will be presented on the last two days of the course. During these design sessions you will have the opportunity to integrate the things you learn during the course with additional support from the tutors.