Kundalini Retreat

In times of unrest on Earth we can often feel overwhelmed and powerless. We would like to see change, but find it difficult to imagine how we can make a difference. Instead we close down and numb ourselves with substances, food and entertainment, pretending everything is fine. This reaction will ultimately leave us feeling detached and unfulfilled. For all of us it is time for an awakening into a happier and more enlightened way of living.

Maren retreat RIGHT SIZE28 April – 1 May

This 3 day retreat will help us to reconnect with some of those virtues that will save us and our planet: Love, Compassion, Service and Gratitude.

We are inviting you to a gathering of like minded women, who are ready to shine, spread their wings and their powerful love and light. The participation on this retreat doesn’t require any previous experience of Kundalini Yoga or any spiritual work.

The retreat will be hosted by Maren Lander, kundalini and meditation teacher. She also works with sound through the healing vibrations of the Chiron Gong and holds Shamanic Ceremonies, such as Cacao and Fire Ceremonies.

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