The Forest Garden

IMG_1260In a 2.2 acre field, used as horse pasture since the early 1970s, we are creating a forest garden following the principles and techniques of permaculture.

Forest Gardens are diverse multi-layered orchards similar in structure to young natural woodlands. Our canopy layer consists of fruit trees, apples, pears, plums and cherries. Under them are shrubs and soft fruit bushes and a ground layer of low growing perennial  fruits, vegetables and herbs.

All the trees and plants within the forest garden produce edible fruits or bring fertility to the soil as nitrogen fixers or mineral accumulators. We aim for it to be low maintenance, to use as little fossil fuel energy as possible and to need no additional fertilizers.

Our aim is to create:

– A beautiful, sustainable and productive orchard
– A haven for wildlife
– An outdoor classroom and a resource for the teaching of permaculture