September 22- 24

Movement, Enquiry and Meditation Retreat

Each day consists of a gentle rhythm of yoga, meditation and creative enquiry sessions, reading, walks and vegetarian meals. Yoga tuition is with Rebecca Brewin (trained in Scaravelli-inspired approaches to yoga) and meditation with Simon Heale (Core Process Psychotherapist and experienced Zen practitioner & meditation teacher).

The weekend will be nourishing, relaxing –  leaving you feeling connected, clear, and inspired. There are 12 spaces only so you will receive lots of attention and guidance from teachers. Suitable for mixed ability (including beginners)

Dorm – sliding scale £220- £270 Please pay what you can afford
Sharing twin room, double room, Airstream, Yurt or Bell Tent – £300
Private room, Airstream, Yurt or Bell Tent – £340
Own tent or camper van – £220

For more information and to book please email: Jessie Teggin

Arrive on the evening of Friday (6.30-7pm)
The retreat ends on Sunday at 2.30pm.

Rebecca Brewin is a yoga-movement teacher and poet. She combines the resources of movement, posture, spoken word and writing to create a relational space to support, open and reform our relationship to our bodies and our personal stories. Inspired by the late Vanda Scaravelli and practices of somatic postural integration, she has over ten years experience of sharing her insights into this highly creative approach through classes, workshops and retreats. For more see Hand to Earth

Simon Heale has been practicing buddhist meditation since 1995. He trained extensively within the zen tradition, finally living at Yokoji zen mountain centre in California where he became a senior monk before returning home to the UK in 2010. He now lives and works in London as a Core Process Psychotherapist and at The Centre for Better Health, a progressive mental health charity. Simon finds himself engaged personally and professionally in how to heal and live well within busy and complex modern lives.

Jessie Teggin is a curator and facilitator who works in the arts, education and environmental sector and is the creative director of The Quadrangle Trust. Her passion is exploring our connection to, and interdependence with, the natural world and the living story of ecology. At The Quadrangle she works to bring people together to share spaces of reflection, contemplation and enquiry.

Yoga and Free-writing Sessions
These sessions will offer a space to immerse and rest ourselves into gravity, the breath and the spine; the natural landscape and wave of our body’s journey through life. Here we will seek a relational understanding of yoga as a grounding way to ‘bring things together’ in the body and also as a tool to enable things to move apart, re-open; in a body-sense to find new perspectives and orientation. Rebecca’s extensive experience of working with yoga in this way brings reassurance and inspiration to the body. To release and reawaken the life of the spine through gravity is to re-discover a renewed poetic and creative relationship with everything. Here we slowly learn to be ourselves in the deepest and non-self-reflective silence where we begin to find a language of our own, a body-script from which we can write, like putting flesh on the bones of our inner-most words and gesture. As the writing sessions unfold we will investigate how the body and language brings us to encounter thresholds in ourselves, the instinctive processes of change that bring us to enquire at different stages of our journey, what is centre, what am I aligning myself to? Is this supporting my growth, or is something trying to shift?

The Meditation and Enquiry Sessions
The meditation practice, which combines sitting and walking meditation with periods of silence, will be suitable for both beginners and more experienced practitioners. Instruction will be offered in simple breath and body based awareness and how to work with enquiry during meditation. The enquiry sessions involve working in pairs to investigate the themes of the retreat and provide a safe and supportive container for participants to engage with important issues and realisations that can arise.


Testimonials from participants:
“Beautiful dormitories! Super comfy beds and warm blankets. Wonderful bathrooms – all I needed to feel at home.”

“Absolutely delicious vegan food – each meal was an absolute pleasure! Couldn’t wait for more – was a little distracting during meditation thinking about it…. ;).”

“I had never heard of or done Scaravelli yoga before but I loved it. It reminded me of dance practice – a mindfulness in movement, feeling into the body every action and reaction, Very interesting and engaging. Felt I got to know my body better.”

About the Enquiry Sessions:

“Brilliant – totally eye-opening in terms of what was revealed about ourselves, our own tendencies, habitual thoughts, and our shared nature – an incredibly powerful practice”

“Once again, thank you for an amazing weekend. In a nutshell it’s the best gift I could have bought for myself and I continue to feel really exhilarated by the experience.”