The farmstead was built in 1870 as a model diary farm by Henry Bingham Mildmay, who was owner of a large estate of several farms around Shoreham.

It was a period of change and invention in the agricultural world and Mildmay, like many landowners of the time, was interested in the new ways of farming.

The Quadrangle continued as a farm until 1970 when it was broken up into lots and sold. When Mark bought it in 1974 it was in a poor state of repair. He then started a long and meticulous programme of restoration.

In 1979 Mark sold half the Quadrangle and 8 acres to John Keates. John converted part of the Quadrangle into another residence and for several years ran a livery stable.

Mark and his wife Deborah continued to restore their half of the Quadrangle and began to let some of the buildings out as workshops for small businesses and local artists.

After his death in 2006 the buildings and land were transferred by the family to The Quadrangle Trust.