AlterEgo-QuadrangleTrustJune16Tempest-12July2013-009-1 IMG_1708The Quadrangle: a peaceful venue and retreat centre in the Darent valley, just 40 minutes from central London.

The world is changing fast. As individuals and organisations, many of us are questioning the way we live and work and looking for new ways of doing things.

Here at the Quadrangle we offer our partners a unique space for enquiry.  Our natural setting creates the opportunity to step back, think more clearly and explore new modes of action.

Our grand hay barn and converted farm buildings encourage teams to collaborate while our beehives, garden and permaculture orchard offer creative inspiration from nature.

Our family has looked after the Quadrangle for over four decades, and in 2007 it was established as a trust to protect its unique architecture and wildlife.

Hosting groups of up to 80 people throughout the year, the Quadrangle is an ideal venue for strategy days, workshops, conferences, trainings and longer retreats.

We also offer extra services on request, including catering, talks on local wildlife, yoga classes and guided walks.

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